EM Beta 1 & 2

EM Beta 1 & 2

Hi -
I noticed in EM Beta 1 and Beta 2 that the coding for the maintenance of the group node types is missing from both releases. I have coded these and attached my resulting version of EM Beta 2. Use or merge as appropriate. I also noticed that the Iframe for user_container does not expand automatically. I beleive it worked correctly in Beta 1, but did not spot any difference on a quick check.

New Actions Added:

Screens modified:

I used the same logic as the Privilege_xxx screens. I hope it helps, and can be incorporated into the next release.
Hi Ken,

Thank you for your feedback. We have looked at the proposed changes and will include them, along with a fix for the iframe expand problem in the next release of Enterprise Manager.

Best regards,

Paulo Almeida

The beta2 of the WidgetLibrary adds two optional parameters to the web block Tab_Creator that can be used in EM to fix the frame problem.

The required steps are:

1. Download and publish the new version of the WidgetLibrary (beta2)

2. Update the references to the WidgetLibrary in the eSpace Enterprise.oml

3. Open the screen Cfg_User, select the web block Tab_Creator and set the values of the parameters onLoad and onTabSelect to "goSetHeight2();"

4. Publish the eSpace.

Best regards,

Paulo Almeida