Can someone suggest me how to build same calendar using outsystems?  

What exactly is it you don't know how to do? Anything you're not sure about?

I was trying to use full calendar from forge and wanted to customize it same way as you see in this picture? Is that possible? If Yes - Then how? 

Can you please help me on this?


that's a good start I think.

if you want to change colours and sizes you will have to learn how to apply css for example.

there are plenty of tutorials on the internet for that.

good luck!

I am really not able to find one on the internet. Can you please share some links?


Hi Shruthi,

Knowing how to use CSS is a pretty basic skill for a software developer nowadays, and has little to do with OutSystems per se. If you Google "CSS learn" (without the quotes), you'll already find a host of tutorials. This forum is for OutSystems-related questions, not for teaching basic development skills.


Hi Shruthi,

Can I suggest you:

  • Look around and check if FullCalendar2 (based on https://fullcalendar.io) allows the kind of styling you want (this seems to be promising: https://fullcalendar.io/docs/background-events); if so,
  • Then implement the calendar functionality without worrying about the style being used
  • Finally tweak style to your needs. For this final part, I have to agree with J. and Kilian, a mere Google search on learn css brings up a few reference resources to learn how to use CSS to style your HTML.