Error while opening a URL inside mobile app


I'm using InAppBrowser Plugin to open my links withing my mobile app.

While all of my links are working as expected there is one URL which is giving me "Load error".

I tried "RedirectToURL" too but in this case link doesn't even respond.

Can anyone help me understand what is going wrong. 

Hi Preeti,

If you open the URL in a regular browser, does it work?

Is there something different about the content of that particular URL?

Hi Jorge,

Yes, the URL works in iPhone browser(Safari) if I just type it in. But gives an error when coming from withing the application.

https://dochelpdesk- this the link which is giving error.

The URLs below work fine and is set up the same way.

The URL is not at all similar with the other two. You are trying to open a local URL over an app.