Extension Xml


I've added some Actions to:
- Get a XmlNodeList given an XPath string
- Get the number of XmlNodes in a XmlNodeList
- Get a XmlNode from a XmlNodeList given an index



Also added a XmlElement_GetParentNode to return the parent node of a specific XmlElement.

Hi all,

This week a new version (1.1.1) of XML Extension was posted in the Solutions' site.
Besides a bug fix, new functionalities were added, such as Entity serialization in XML.

Have fun,
Pedro Gonçalves

Very nice extension. I've recently used it on a project and had the need to serialize Structures instead of just Entities.

Here is what i came up with.

Not the best of fixes, just a workaround to make it work. Hopefully the next extension version will add a better Structure support.
Updated Version
thanks for the help.

Just one remind: this version can't import XML files exported by older versions.