I would like to upload some dummy data. I created an Excel file with also the Id's filled in as well as the relations between the entities. Unfortunately the Id's could not be uploaded, which I could manage, just by leaving out the Id's from the Excel file. The Id's would then be created automatically by Outsystems. However I am not able to make the references between the Entities. 

Is there a way I could manage this in a quick way to map the references? 

Hi Martijn,

I think this post may be of use for you.


Hi Sam,

Thanks for your reply! I looked into it and the solution was more easier than I thought. What I did is I created the Entities and Attributes again. Now I made the Data Type of the Referenced Id's to text or integer instead of <Entitiy>Identifier. I bootstrapped the data and afterwards I changed the Data Type into the concerning <entity> Identifier. 

Something to keep in mind for upcoming situations to save some time. 

Thanks again! 

Hello Martjin,

This is ok for the earlier stages in development.

Butif your application is already in production, as you will end up with NEW fields and / or table in database, when pushing to production this will also happen there... You can imagine the problem you will create...

You will also have problems when doing this if your entities are used in other modules, as you will have to refresh references and reference again new entities.

The "standard" solution that is safer is to include a lookup column in the excel file and use it in the logic to find the relationship IDs (it requires some manipulation both in the structure created to be used with the Excel To List as well as in the bootstrap logic. But is safer.


Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for your reply! I will keep it in mind! This is indeed just a quick solution and not really the best of all. But it works for now.