Anyone know why the SilkUI toggle button is not working?

The check box functions - but - I want it to look like the nice slider switch in the SilkUI.

I've attached SimpleToggleButton.oml so you can see it first hand.

However, it looks normal:


Hello Bruce,

It does not work, because you're using the London Theme.
Silk UI, in order to work, needs a series of CSS and JavaScript not found on this template.

The easiest way to use Silk Ui patterns is to implement your application using one of the Silk Ui themes, like the Lisbon, Dublin, Vanilla, etc.

The Silk Ui template / Theme has the CSS and the layout has the JavaScript required to make the patterns work.



Ah!!! That's right - forgot I was starting with the London theme and that it's not part of the SilkUI theme set.

Thanks! I got it looking sweet now!