[Barcode Plugin] PDF-417 Barcode support

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Published on 21 May (2 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 21 May (2 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D

I installed this plugin from Forge and tried scanning a PDF-417 Barcode - it did not provide a result. 

Does the current plugin version support PDF-417, or will that format be added on a future release?

Hello, Gregory,

Given the plugin is based off of the ZBar Library, I would say not (there are no mention to the format on its documentation).

Although not supported, you could consider using another barcode reader from the Forge, such as this one. According to its docs, it supports PDF417 on Android.

Best regards,

Carlos Simões

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for your reply and the suggestion of the scanner reader you reference. 

I have used ZXing modules before and will do some reading on the ZBar lib. What I need is a plug-in that is cross platform (Android and iOS) and takes formats for barcode, QR code, and PDF417. The reader you reference may fit the purpose.


If you need iOS support, this plugin will not cut it, I'm afraid. :(

You may need to build an OutSystems wrapper around an existing Cordova plugin. Search results return several options, but it should boil down to two:

If you do end-up going through this route, feel free to send us over any questions you may have while wrapping the plugin of your choice.


Thank you for the offer. While a custom wrapper may be possible, the preference is to go with standards or well adopted options. I'll keep your contact just in case someone decides to try.


I would advise so as well, but bear in mind that the aforementioned documentation does not mention PDF 417 support on iOS (only Android).


A suggested option for PDF417 support is to go with ManateeWorks or MicroBlink which have both been covered in the forums and come with vendor support.

Those are both well-known providers and the adoption goes beyond just OutSystems.

They are also more customisable to handle various scanning conditions if you incorporate them yourself.


Disclaimer: I have used both options successfully, I am no relation to either vendor and there may be licensing costs involved outside of the OS platform.

Hi Ouen,

Good suggestions and feedback. 

We're trying to avoid clone/fork (MicroBlink) and can't go licence (Manatee).