Cfg_User in Enterprise vs. Enterprise Manager

Out of curiousity, why is the cfg_user screen in Enterprise instead of with all the other administrative configurations in EnterpriseManager?

Hi Ken,

The idea of splitting the EnterpriseManager Solution in the two different espaces, EnterpriseManager.oml and enterprise.oml is to define some customization rules for this solution when using it in a customer factory:

-EnterpriseManager eSpace should not be changed in Customer installations (if not changed, the module can be upgraded with new versions with new functionality or bug fixes);
-Customizations must be made in Enterprise eSpace, for example:
-Customize header and footer webblocks according to customer image guidelines,
-Customize style sheet definitions according to customer image guidelines,
-Extend data model to support customer business needs, and implement UI for those extensions.

Leaving the cfg_user screen on Enterprise eSpace instead of EnterpriseManager was based on the assumption that Users data will commonly be customized and extended in most of EnterpriseManager implementations.