How to achieve relative search among different datatypes?


In my application, i am using the client side services and displaying some information in a list, each list item consists of 

*Name of the user(String), Subject(String) and some Date(Date and time)

I want to search among these categories of data and these data consists of some Arabic translations with them.

In 3 parts, i need some clarifications:

1.Searching among the various data types is possible or not  by using single Input widget?

2.Is there any Forge component available for Arabic word search and different datatype Search?

3.How to achieve relative search among this data, since i am not using the SQL?


Vignesh Balasubramanian.

Hello Vignesh

1. Yes, it is possible.

2. Don't know if it exists, but don't think it's necessary.

3. Same way. In aggregate you can add filters and use input parameters, local variables and session properties in filters. The same search variable can be used in different filters (logical and between them), or inside the same filter (using logical and / or).

Regarding arabic characters, if the location used is correct and the text contains arabic characters, don't see any problem (Not sure if is necessary any kind of config in database, but don't think so).

Hope this helps.