Language selection

How can I use / import in my project Language selection from FORGE?

**************    following a suggestion .. but I don't find the correct way to do.

You can also find a webblock in Outsystems Forge that is already prepared to be used as a language selection dropdown on any web application. This pre-built component is called Language Selection. You can use it in your application or you can develop your own language selection dropdown if you really want to.


Hello Emanuela,

Are you asking how do you install and use an application/component from forge?

If so, in Service Studio, go to the Black Tab, enter your credentials, search by the application / component, open it, and click install. It will check if it can be installed and if everything is ok, you can confirm you wants to install.

After that, in the module where you want to use whatever this component offers, you open the manage dependences dialog, find the module you installed, select it, mark the elements you want to use and use them...

Is this your question?


Hi Emanuela,

You need to download that component. In this case you will get an .oml file. 

You have 2 options now:

  • Open the .oml in service studio and 1 click publish
  • Open service center go to Factory > espaces > Upload & Publish an eSpace and choose the file you just downloaded.

After having Language Selection installed in your environment you just need to add a reference in your project to one of the webblocks inside this component and use it.

Hope this help.




Bad practice keeping components in OML...
The maintaner should use OutSystems packages.



Emanuela, when you have questions about a Forge app/component, go to it in forge and open a question in the Support tab. It will put the question in the forum, but will also warn the owner of the component.