Datatype for bootstrapping URL

Hi All, 

I'm trying to bootstrap a sheet with a similar  dataset

Column 1

Column 2

I have created an entity with 2 attributes, both of datatype text. Bootstrapping occurs without errors but im unable to see any record. 

Is it because Out systems identifies URLs as a different datatype. Kindly suggest.

Can you show us how you’re doing the bootstrap?

Hi Tamil Mathi P,

Please check your bootstrap assignment code or share it. You might be missing something or you can debug your code, that will gives you the exact picture.




The data type needed for an attribute in an entity to support a URL is text and the length will need to be longer than 50.

There is no special URL data type on the platform but there is more than one way to work with URL's on the platform.

To use the URL's that you are bootstrapping you would need to pass them to an External Site.


@Ouen Worth

Tamil has said both attributes in the entity are text and no errors occurred during the bootstrap process.

I think we'll need to see the code first.


1. When you say "no errors", did you checked the Service Center Monitoting (errors) to see if it really does not have any errors? Timers run in its own session and no visible errors will be available for the developer (in case of scheduled to run when publishing), nor the application users.

2. If a field in excel holds more characters than the size of the attribute in the entity, it would be truncate and database will not allow it, raising an exception.

Probably this is the error. But without looking to your code, we can't be sure.


I have attached the oml file

Thanks Tamil.

Don't know if the Excel to Record list will work with this name.

The runtime path has a "4" after the extension. Can you try to change the name to something that ends with nothing after the extension. For instance URL_4.xlsx?

Let us know please if it worked.


João Heleno


Tamil Mathi P wrote:

I have attached the oml file


The length of the Google Link is 6915 characters which is greater than 2000 defined for the Link attribute.

Increase the length of the link attribute and see if that resolves the issue.



The problem is that the Excel in use has strings with more characters than allowed in the Entity.

Your bootstrap is rising an exception:

String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated

Fix your data in the excel so that it fits the space in the entity fields.



Yeah... that too. :)


Tamil, I suggest you to take the online training.
It's important to know how to tacle problems, and this one was very easy to spot. 

The Service Center log and debugging are your friends...


It's working now. Thank You all.