TaskBox / HumanActivity_AssignToUser

Is there a group assignment capability for the TaskBox/BPT where a role is defined and everyone with the role is able to see it in the TaskBox and work on the item?

Hi Peter,

You can assign a human activity to a group, using "ActivitySetGroup" system action, "Limit a Human Activity visibility and handling to end-users who belong to a specific group.".

You can define a group in User Management and than assigned that group to the activity using ActivitySetGroup action.

I hope this helps.




All Human Activies, by default, in a process can be done:

- By all end-users, if no configuration is done in the Human Activity properties (User property);
- By a specific user (when configured in the User property);
- By a specific group(s) of users with certain roles (pick the roles that have grants to carry out the Human Activity in the roles property).

As I told you here I suggest you do the BPT masterclass first.


João Heleno