XML Extension Documentation

XML Extension Documentation

Hi there!

On the moment I'm using the XML extensions (together with the HTTPrequesthandler extension) and I'm strugling a bit to find out "how to do what". The sample that is delivered together with the extension helps a little bit but explains not why and covers of course not all actions/topics.

Luckily I have worked with XML before so I can figure out mosts things but I remain with some questions like how are the xmlErrors 'catched' and other ones.

I really miss some proper documentation with this extension.
And thinking of it now: i have also not seen much of documentation with the other extensions either.
It is my personal belief that good documentation is priceless...

kind regards,
Hans Bruins
Hi Hans,

You can find parameter descriptions if you open the extension in Integration Studio or in Service Center. Some extensions (like RichMail) also provide a chm file in the resources that can be used. But an issue has also been submitted to improve this documentation and expose it better to service studio.

As for xmlErrors, there is an output parameter in XmlDocument_Load that will be filled with a recordlist with all the errors found.

Hope this helps,
Tiago Simoes
I'm starting to use XML Extension and I'm facing the same issues about "how to do what"...
You've mentioned that there's a sample with the extension... how can I find it?
When I download from the site, I only get the .xif...
Thank you in advance

 Hi Carolina,


You can find the sample in the attachment or you can see it in action here.



Tiago Simões



Here's another sample. This time on how to serve an XML document from an OutSystems application.

Check the xmldoc screen's preparation action. It end with a Download, which makes the server render an xml document, instead of a web page. The preceeding logic creates the content and transforms it into a binary file.


Note: you need to use the BinaryData extension, which is packaged with the Enterprise Manager solution, available here.




Carlos Alves

Hi Everyone,


Attached is a version of the XmlSample.oml eSpace for Outsystems 5.0 .


Best Regards,


Daniel Lourenço