How to get number of database queries within single web request?

I was wondering if (and how) it is possible to get the number of database queries executed within a single web request in outsystems. This is particularly handy for cases in which queries are “hidden” within (deeply) nested actions or web blocks. Ideally I would even like to be able to log the actual database queries executed on the database within the scope of a single web request. Does anyone have experience with this? For the record, we are using p10 on premise.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings, Pedro 

As it's onpremisse, you'll find several logging solutions available. They normally need to be connected to the database. Have a look at

just complementing, you can get some analysis on LifeTime. There you will find, for example, what queries are slower.


like paul you have lifetime for that, however (i think i have that already build only not on the forge yet) you can also extract information from the log_request_event table yourself, so you actually can see more deeply how and what.

(not sure, but i could extract the number of queries from an certain request/action)

will dig the tool up and will see if i can make it available in the forge..

Hi all, thanks for your answers. I would rather stick to outsystems, if possible. I will take a look at lifetime analytics and the log_request_event table. J, if you could make your component available, I would appreciate.