I have Popup with iframe. (RichWidgets\Popup_Editor)

Popup is loaded in  AA application.

in Popup i have iframe which in BB application.

Can i close popup from Iframe.

Best Regards. Bat.

Hi Bat,

If applications AA and BB are in different domains, you cannot call javascript of AA directly from BB, at most you will be able to post a message via the message posting API. You'd need an event listener in AA that would call the Javascript that the platform uses to close the popup. Unfortunately, you will have to analyse the generated screen code to find out what that javascript might be.

If both apps AA and BB are in the same domain, it is possible to call javascript of AA directly from BB, but would still require you know what's the right javascript to call on application AA.

Can you explain your scenario? and why you need a second application to be inside the popup? a popup already uses an iframe to display, so what you describe is actually an iframe inside an iframe: window (app AA) with a popup (rendered as an iframe, still app AA), that has an iframe inside (app BB).

Thank you for your reply.

Yest. AA and BB has some domain.

I want view BB's data in AA's popup.

Hi Bazargur,

Is this still on going? I might have the answer for you in JS. 

Hi Martijin.

Thank you for reply. i discarded this function. 

but i whould have like your answer 

Best Regards.