Popup Info Balloon for Mobile?

Hello, can anyone recommend a mobile widget that I can use to give me the same behavior as the Popup Info Balloon on web?

I tried the tooltip widget but it is not exactly what I need.


Hi Vonnelize

You can use the Popup widget. You should have it in your widgets bar.


Hi Vonnelize,

In my opinion, It is not a good idea to use the same patterns form web into mobile devices. The Info Ballon is one of this patterns. The user experience could be compromised.

You could try to use the Popup widget to have a better experience for your users. Just including the info webblock inside it.  This is the strategy I have been used in my projects.

Best Regards

Fabio Fantato

Thanks for the feedback. I tried the pop up widget too, but it always open in the middle of the screen. I need it to open at the spot where the user clicked the link - I am doing a tablet app, so there is sufficient space on the screen for something like a pop up info balloon.

Is there a way that I can make the popup widget appear exactly where I want it to?

I do not recommend the use of balloon in mobile. It's a kind of incompatible experience




The Tooltip maybe can be an alternative to you, is it?

All the mobile SilkUI patterns are part of the MobilePatterns eSpace. You need to reference the Tooltip Block in order to be able to use it: