Node.js on the platform server

Is it possible to run node.js on the platform server, for use by an extension?

Why? I am using a client javascript reporting engine to display reports in the clients browser, and this is working well. 

But ... now I want to email out some of these reports from the server on a schedule. Therefore the server now needs to run the javascript engine to create those reports.

Hence me question - is it possible to run node.js on the platform server.

Hello Alan,

If you're on premises, you have control over your server and I would say you can install and run the engine on it.

If the server is a cloud server (OutSystems infrastructure), you should talk to them directly to see if it is possible, as only them (I think) can install something like node.js in that server...


I am on cloud. I will raise a support case to ask the question.

Thanks for the pointer.

When working on a chat node.js server, I was having the same questions with installing a Chat component from the Forge. (See forge component)

Discussions with the plugin owner lead to some interesting insights. 

I quote:

  • There is a problem of coexistence with application servers (e.g. IIS) - they will take over the regular ports 80/443 and node.js will not receive these requests).
    If you communicate in a different port you'll have no problems on that but you might have intranet restrictions.  

I think the same would apply to cloud installations. Hope this helps a bit

Thanks for that helpful tip . I will review the component next week and let you know how I got on.

I just noticed that my 'quote' was incorrect. I just updated it to reflect what I actually was quoting :D

Would like to know how that went