Unable to debug application in service studio 9.1

When I am trying  to debug  my  application  in service  studio 9.1,i am getting below error  message 

An error was raised by  application :401 unauthorized. Please  find  attached  Error.png for  your  reference .Thanks  in Advance.

Hello Kallol,

Sorry, but at least for me, your question is impossible to answer. 

You are TRYING to debug and when you switch on the debugger you get the error, or DURING the execution of the application, in debug, something rises this error?

In which moment the error rises?

Are you trying to fetch something from server or are you executing web service method? 

You need to provide full context in order to someone to be able to help you.


Hi  Eduardo,

I added  debugger  in  my  application. Then ,I paste  the  url  in browser ,debugger  is  hitted  then I got  this  error.I  am not  using  any  webservice .
when I  switched on the debugger I got  error.

Hi Kallol,

In addition to what Eduardo said, the error shows because you have the "Break On All Exceptions" option enabled (the green flash-like icon next to the other debug icons). This means that any Exception that is generated will cause such a pop-up. A 401 typically means you are trying to access a resource (like a REST service) and you do not specify the right credentials.

Hello Kallol,

Again, showing us the image does not really tells anything. We know the error message, but the error message does not say what are you trying to fetch that you are not authorized.

What we need to know is: Do you have a break point in preparation?
If no, the error can be even in the page. 

What do you have in preparation? Can you set a breakpoint at the Start Node and execute step by step to see when the error rises?

This way you can find the source of the error.