Cordova Camera Plugin, remove confirmation Dialog


I'm using Cordova camera plugin, and i need that once i take a photo, the photo screen close and back to the app again, without accep or reject confirmation screen.

I can't find anything at Cordova documentation, so my question is if someone already do this and how.

Thanks in advance 

Carlos Pereira 

Hello Carlos,

As far as I know, you didn't found anything because the "dialog" does not come from the plugin, but from the application the plugin calls.

In android (for example), the plugin uses intent and the system opens the camera application, not the plugin (afaik).

Please, refer here to understand it:

They talk about alternatives, but I don't know if they are possible with OutSystems.


Hi Eduardo,

Thank you for the reply, it seems there is no easy way to do this. I will research a bit more and post a Outsystems solution here, if there is one.