Saving Data From Editable Table to a Specific Employee ID

I am trying to assign information to specific employees using an Editable Table. It's just it's editing information for all employees when I add or remove a record instead of that specific person when I save, but the assign function doesn't seem to make a difference with the save.

Any ideas?

Hi Jared, 

When editing one record from an editable table you should use the current record from the editable table.

I don't know if i am understanding correctly what you are trying to say.Do you want to edit more than a record at the same time? Correct me if i'm wrong. You have a table of employees and when editing one, you want to see that change on more than one employee. Am I right?

It would be easier to understand if you send a screen shot of your code.

No ma'am. I want to save it only to the selected employee. 

So I have a table with employees' names. You click an employee's name and it takes you to another screen where you can see / edit that employee's record for Online Training using the Editable Table.

If you would like to look at it, I'll upload it here. 

The issue is in the Divue_Core - EmpOnlineTrainingDetails


Hi Jared,

I found 2 problems in your code:

1 - EmpOnlineTraining > preparation > GetEmps removed the EmployeeOnLineTraining source

2 - EmpOnlineTrainingDetails > preparation > GetEmployeeOnLineTrainingsByEmpId added this filter EmployeeOnLineTraining.EmpId = EmpId

Hope this helps.





Try this code.

You don't need the joins in the GetEmployeeOnLineTrainingsByEmpId agregate. The labels on the drop-down are given by the Entity property (image bellow).  

Also in the  GetEmployeeOnLineTrainingsByEmpId, you need to specify the Employee Id in the filter that way you are sure you are editing the correct record. Because of that, you don't need the assign in the save action.

Hmm, it now seems the current issue is that it's not wanting to create a New Record when using a Save Button tied to the Save Action (but it will edit existing records). All that's in the save action is the CreateAndUpdate action for the table.

In the database it's assigning a 0 for new records instead of assigning that new record to that employee. Hmmmm

I think I got it to work. I had to use the Assign function for the Save action to get it to assign to people. So I guess I still needed it after all for the editable table, however, the above posts solved 95% of my issue. It's now saving correctly unlike before it was saving to everyone when a change was made.

Thank you both very much.

Hi Jared,

The solution that you showed us before wasn't saving to everyone. It was saving correctly. What you're doing wrong was the part of getting the results. you weren't filtering by the correct user.



Ah, thank you guys very much for the help.