I am following the training exercise and it has asked to open up the LoginInfo widget tree. The example shown does not match what I have in my App. Can someone please elaborate on this issue? (Screenshot of my widget tree vs examples below)

Hi Chris,

Dunno if I understood your problem. But I think you can't see the tree shown on bullet b). If this is right you need to open widget tree. This can be done when clicking on < > button on the top of service studio near the same of the screen you are seeing.

If this is not the problem plz explain me better how can we help you.



Hi Chris,

Firstly open the "LoginInfo" Webblock under the common flow by double clicking it. Then open the widget tree of the LoginInfo webblock by clicking on <> (or by pressing Ctrl+W), then you will get the same structure as shown in the exercise. For reference see the below screenshot.