When the dispatcher sample receives a sms message from Kannel it came with LA 940, when dispatcher sample tries to send the MT it sends using SMSC plus 940, becoming SMSC940. What I need is to send the MT using another SMSC specified in the smscid parameter, eg(SMSC928). How can I manually configure Dispatcher sample to send the MT using another interface other than I received?
Hi Renata

I don't quite understand how you're trying to send a MT from the dispatcher. According to the technical note "3rd Party SMS Gateway Integration" , the dispatcher only receives MO and DLR, and it uses the SMSCID in the request URL for the MO connection that will then be delivered to the SMS Connector.

For sending MTs one must use the SMSGatewayAdapter. On the technical note mentioned above, there are examples of customized dispatchers and SMSGatewayAdapter, that can be change to meet your requirements.

Can you be more clear about the scenario you're looking for?



Miguel João
Hi Miguel,
My question now is: How can I use another conector other than the conector sent by MO, and wich parameter name should I use?

I received this

When outsystems tries to connect to Kannel it sends this URL

Note that the connector parameter is empty.

Thanks for your help.
Hi Renata

If I'm not mistaken, what you need is to use the OnMobileTerminatedMessage system action where you can set the connection parameter of the MT before is sent. The service studio help on this system action also has information about the SMSMT record that allows you to manipulate the MT. The same applies to MO.

Hope this information helps


Miguel João