Go to next record in a form

I want to use a form to update records in an entity with 11 attributes. I am trying to avoid using a table format as there are too many attributes to display across a row.

I have created a Save button which works fine but I cannot find a way of moving to the next record without exiting the form. I can see a CurrentRowNumber which is available in an IF but not in an ASSIGN. In the absence of something builtin, I was intending to create a Next button (and a Previous).

It looks as if it should be simple to achieve but I noticed that the tutorial example left the form to choose another record.

Is there a way?

Hello David,

So, you want to read a list and allows the user to edit all the records?

There are plenty of ways of doing that. Let me talk about some that will be better in therms of performance.

0. Basic one: List Page + Detail Page

1. Page with Table records with link (in table records) to a popup (passing the id) to edit each record.

2. Same as before, but instead of open a popup opens a modal.

3. Same as 0, but now you place a button to enable edit the next record. The logic finds the next id to edit and navigate to detail page (the current one) passing this id.

And from now, it will always be a variation of one of these...

Hope this ideas help.


Hi David, I'm from Oracle Forms background, and the way you described was the exact way used in Oracle Forms.

I missed that functionality, but web apps have different approach.

It can work, but with cost of complexity and performance.

Thank you both. I shall take comfort from the fact that I have not missed something obvious.

As I am only dealing with very small amounts of data, the performance aspect is not likely to be a problem.

My application does have a practical purpose but I am really only doing this as a hobby and I fancied trying to write it as a web app. I will try setting up my own index to control the next / previous moves based on my preferred sort fields (rather than the id which may not be consecutive anyway).

Thanks again.