How can i assign human process to second approval

Hi All,

i have two approvers for complete my BPT process but it's getting completed after approving by first approver. How can I make changes so that the second approver will get the approval task?

Do you mean you have 2 users than can approve without waiting for any order?

You can use branched execution in a sub process like this:

Remember branched execution will execute separately, so in order to make sure both branches have been finished, you need to contain it into a sub process.

Then call the sub process inside main process like this:

I use the Terminate End Node in the approval sub process  to drop the process if one of approver reject.

So after rejection, process will disappeared from all user taskbox.

If that was the case, there's no need for BothApproved conditional node on main process.

Hi Harlin,

thanks for reply,

i was doing some silly mistake but right now it's working fine.

can you please explain the below code,any example or oml related to this.


-Vijay M-

Oh, so it's because of a bug.

I think your scenario is about approval that require 2 persons without any sequence of order.

No, I don't have any example oml, sorry.