SetWebReferenceProxy for consuming REST API

Hi all,

Is it possible to use SetWebReferenceProxy action of EnhancedWebReferences API for consuming REST API?

I couldn't find a valid WebReferenceName when I attempted.

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I believe you'll have to use the On Before Request property of your REST API to then call an action to set the proxy before calling the service.

You'll have to do an extension probably...

Edit: EnhancedWebReferences will not work with REST.


Hi Takasi,

The EnhancedWebReferences just works with SOAP services. To use with REST you will need to use an extension, for instance this one:

Notice that you should call SetProxy in a OnBeforeRequest(Advanced) of your rest call. If you use the regular OnBeforeRequest this will not works.

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Fabio Fantato



Hello João and Fábio,

Thank you for replying.

I noticed that there are no parameters for OnBeforeRequest(Advanced) action.
Do I need to write my own extension to modify request header at the OnBeforeRequest(Advanced) action?

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If you are using OnBeforeRequest(Advanced) you need just to Call SetProxy(host,username,password) for that extension I post before.  

You could use a site properties for instance to set those parameters.

Hello Fábio, 

Your first reply helped me to understand how to use SetProxy. Thank you very much.

My current question is about using both proxy and custom HTTP headers.
Next page seems to indicate the need of custom extension.