Consuming a SOAP web service where the service is not exposed in a link.

Hi Guys 

I am building an application that is consuming a SOAP service. 

The problem I have is that the service is not exposed in a link. Instead, I have been given an endpoint node and the example file of the WSDL file. 

Is there a way to integrate this with OS?

Thanks, in advance.  

Hi Craig,

Instead of a link, you can also just specify a file path to the WSDL when consuming the SOAP webservice.

Thanks Kilian

Total Noob here, please will you explain how should do this? 

am I to add the path to the link placeholder in the IDE instead of the traditional contract link? 

Yes, indeed, instead of the you type c:\mypath\mywsdl.wsdl.

Will give it a try right now. 

I have tried uploading the wsdl and I get the following error:

"Sequence contains more than one element" 

How can I fix this now? 

Well, not all (or perhaps, not that many) SOAP web services can be consumed by OutSystems, unfortunately. I can't advise you on this specific case, as I'm no SOAP expert. We've seen this in the past as well, and in some cases creating an Extension turned out to be the only solution.