Hoping someone can help me / point me in the direction for the required setup setups for setting up the Data and Session model for a new OS install.

I'm installing OS on a Windows 2016 server with MySQL 5.6.40. I'm following this checklist for installation: https://www.outsystems.com/home/downloadsdetail/104/1920/

At step 3 of the Platform server installation it states  "At this point you need to have the data and session model created. If you do not have it created yet, please refer to the Database profile in this checklist"

But nowhere in the checklist ( or any other guide i can find)  is there a set of instructions for this - I knw there has to be as without doing this i don't have any accounts or Schema configured.

Hopefully there is some documentation for MySQl configuration hidden away that will help me here -  or if anyone has setup OS using MySQl previously can offer advice.

Thanks in advance.

Hi All,

I've made some progress in my lab -  managed to get the service center installed after modfying 



But this indicates to me that for OS to use MySQL some customisation should be done -  Now i'm worried that without a formal guide i'll be running into other issues in the future. 

Hope someone can enlighten me on best practice config for MySQl and OS

Hi Adam,

I'd advise you to contact OutSystems Support. They can either point you to the right documentation or give you some pointers on how to do that.