How to create the pagination with list without aggregate

Hi Team,

Am biding the data to table record with dynamic SQL and List variable, how to implement the pagination in this scenario?


That can be accomplished in a similar way. Instead of the aggregate, you bind the list to the table. The only thing that is different, is that the TotalRowCount has to be set to the length of the list that is bound to the table (instead of the count of the aggregate).

Hi Deepak,

This thread has an example from Eduardo Jauch to do that. But it is the same solution Sam already said.


Fabio Fantato

Deepak Check the Eduardo attacked oml, because the link send to a page that you need be registered


Thanks for all your reply, but am using structure of multiple entities for my List variable.

Hi Deepak,

This doesn't change the solution. In this case your list can exist of multiple entities. It's also possible to skip the list and use the query output directly.

Be careful to only query the fields that you need when using an advanced query, since all fields will be fetched, even when you don't use them. It might be better to create a specific output structure to be used in your list.