I try to do some rendering of data using the Highcharts component.That is, I try to refresh the Datapointslist every 100ms in order to remove/add some points to it (It should be used to simulate some live time ECG graph). However, the performance is not optimal and I have the idea to include the boost.js component in order to improve it. I found this topic, but it's related to the web component: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/28865/enable-highcharts-boost-js/

I tried to include the boost.js to the scripts which are used by the specific webblock, but this brought no improvement in performance. Does anyone now if the implented Highcharts version in mobile is supporting boost.js? What would be the best way to include it in mobile?



Hi Achim,

I know that you already accomplish this but you can check this other solution https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/36811/self-updating-highcharts-graph/ to check if the performance is better



Hi Marcelo, thanks for your post. I think what I could do ist adding the Points to the Highchart by JS comand and see if this increases the performance. However, this whole post is not about enabling the boost.js support in Highcharts.

Would still be thankful for any advice about how I could get boost.js to work in OS. I think I could implement both the Highcharts JS and the Boost JS by myself, this would also make shure that the Highcharts is up to date and supports the boost.js. However, in the Boost.js tutorial, they say:

Note: Boost should be the last module included. This is because it overrides both standard Highcharts functionality, and functionality in certain modules (namely treemap, heatmap, bubble, and scatter).

Is there a way to specify the order in which OS is loading different JS modules?

Thanks in advance,