Enterprise Manager Tree ICONS no longer work under OS 4.0

It appears that the way database graphics are handled and rendered in OS 4.x has changed. Enterprise Manager has a function in it called CfgNode_GetTree which manually wrote html/javascript code to display the images in the tree menu. An expression in this Action needs to be updated for people using a 4.x hub server.

There is a step towards the bottom right of this action labeled "Tree Node". This is a single expression assignment. Change the assignment to:

Tree = Tree + "d" + treeId + ".add(" + QAllCfgNodes.current.CONFIG_NODE.Id + "," + QAllCfgNodes.current.CONFIG_NODE.ParentId + ", '" + Replace( QAllCfgNodes.current.CONFIG_NODE.Label, "'", "\'") + "', '" + linkScript + "', '" + Replace( QAllCfgNodes.current.CONFIG_NODE.Description, "'", "\'") + "'" + If( QAllCfgNodes.current.CONFIG_NODE.DefaultIcon, "", ", '', '" +
"/EnterpriseManager/" + If( GetApplicationServerType() ="J2EE", "_image.jsf", "_image.aspx") + "/ICON/Bin/" + QAllCfgNodes.current.CONFIG_NODE.Id + "/" + QAllCfgNodes.current.CONFIG_NODE.Id + ".gif', '" + "/EnterpriseManager/" + If( GetApplicationServerType() ="J2EE", "_image.jsf", "_image.aspx") + "/ICON/Bin/" + QAllCfgNodes.current.CONFIG_NODE.Id + "/" + QAllCfgNodes.current.CONFIG_NODE.Id + ".gif'") + ");

I hope this helps someone else and is incorporated into the next maintenance release of Enterprise Manager.

I have installed the IssueManager and made the change you recommended in the EnterpriseManager, but the IssueManager icon is not visible on the Node Tree.

Is there something else I should have done?

Thank you.

Best regards,

Carla Almeida
Hello Carla,

Is IssueManager's icon the only one not showing on the tree?

I'm assuming not. In order for your change to Enterprise Manager to be visible you should publish both Enterprise Manager and Enterprise eSpaces. You do not need to re-import IssueManager in Enterprise Manager though.

Hope this helps.
The moment I refreshed the reference on Enterprise oml, to the cfgNode_GetTree with the changes you recommended, the tree list was removed, and all I could see was the show/hide, expand all/collapse all links!

Best regards,

Carla Almeida
Hi Carla,

Please confirm that you don't have any javascript errors cause by the fix you made.

If you continue to have problems I suggest you use the submit feedback feature in Service Studio to send the problem to our support.


Sorry, my mistake.

It's working.

Thank you so much.

Carla Almeida