Web Services Exercise



I am following the exercise and have reached section 2 part h. It has asked to enter the image type property as external and then add the following url - Site.TheMovieDB_BaseURL + GetMovieInfo.Response.Results.Current.Poster_path

I have done this here:

However i get the following in the browser after publishing:

Can you please help

Also as an additional issue my rating stars are vertical and not horizontal and i dont know how to change this.

Kind regards,


Hi Chris,

For the second question: you have to set the Line seperator property of the list records to None (In de StarDisplay webblock).

For the first part, it's hard to guess and it's best if you share your .oml file (if you have the module opened, go to 'Module' > 'Export' > 'Save as')

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attached is the oml file

Hi Chris,

You have the wrong default value on TheMovieDB_BaseURL. It should be “http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w154”



Hi Marcelo,

When i enter that value i get an error Unexpected : in expression

Hi Chris,

You should remove the "" that marcelo added, and typ them yourself. It should work then.

Also make sure the movie title is exactly what it should be. I would not get the correct picture because, as one of the tests of my app, I changed the movie title from "The Phantom Menace" to "The PhantAm Menace". Basically the API couldn't find that movie so the reply was empty.