[XML Records] Declaration missing after clearing null elements

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Published on 1 Apr (2 weeks ago) by Afonso Carvalho
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Published on 1 Apr (2 weeks ago) by Afonso Carvalho

Hello, first I'd like to thank you for your great extension, it has saved me and a lot of people vast amounts of work.

I'm having a little problem mixing the setting DefaultXmlConfig.ExcludeIfNull = true with the setting DefaultXmlConfig.XmlDeclaration.AddDeclaration = True on the .Net version of the xif.

After a little inspection I believe the source it's that the declaration is added on MssRecordListToXml before the cleansing operation and the cleansing operation discards the added string on the end of the funcion because of it's internal use of XDocument.Parse

I can of course work around this issue with Outsystems code while a solution is not found.

Hope this helps improve on an already great work,

Ricardo Cebola

Yes, would like to see this fixed for p10

I've spoken to Ricardo over a beer several times now, and even though we always end the night with a promise that he'll send me the fix, it never happens :)

It's definitely on the TODO list.

Hi guys!

Any news on this issue?




Hi everyone,

This is fixed in the latest XML Records version (1.6.4).