Ajax Refresh Form data after Popup upload excel file not working


My case is like this:

Click on Richwidget popup upload excel info to the database, then refresh the parent form with updated data from the excel. 

Problem: Ajax refresh doesn't work on Form but works on Table Record. I do the refresh in the OnUploadApplicationForm action.

Anyone can help?


Hi XiaoHui,

If you wrap form inside container and try to refresh this wrapper container , that will help you to achieve your logic.

If you still face any problem please upload screen shot or oml of page.



Hi Rocky

I did that but it doesn't work too. I found another discussion about form data behaviour here (https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/16234/bug-forms-strange-behaviour-when-assigning-variable-value-via-screen-action/), it seems that I need to reassign the form record with the updated record in the entity, then refresh the page.

I'm not sure is this the correct way to do it. 


After refreshing aggregate and assigning refreshed value , still it not working?

You may commit transaction .




Hello Xiao,

Forms will fetch data from its bounded source ONLY on page load.

An ajax refresh is not a page load, so, if you refresh the form it will only rebuild itself with data in its record.

Solution: Use assignment to update the record of the form directly and than ajax refresh the form to update it.



Hi @Rocky

It works after refreshing the aggregate and assigning refreshed value. 

Hi @Eduardo

Thanks! I followed what you mentioned here (https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/16234/bug-forms-strange-behaviour-when-assigning-variable-value-via-screen-action/#Post121988) to assign the form record with the updated data and refresh it. Now, it works.