Widget Library 4.0: ListNavigation widget (InFrame lost)

Hi, all.

I'm using ListNavigation widget in a table record screen. Everything seems ok except when my screen is inside a frame, like EnterpriseManager. Somehow, the screen state isn't maintained and I end up getting 2 headers and 2 footers...

I've made a dummy example of this (attached). Please check it on your EnterpriseManager (you'll have to config the entrypoint in ControlPanel).

Pedro Gonçalves
Hi Pedro,

This problem is related with a bug in the viewstate optimizer when you fire a postback action in a referenced web-block (*sigh* I can't believe I just said that without stuttering).

The maintenance team is looking at this as I type, and you should expect it to be fixed in one of the upcoming HubServer patches.

Meanwhile the suggested work-around is to use a session variable to store the inframe input parameter value.