Application identifier does not match your provisioning profile

Hi Guys,

I'm trying to create mobile app for iPhone but I'm getting the error message below.

Error: Application identifier".Provisioning profile "CustConnect does not match your provisioning profile.

Here's the screenshot of the App Identifier from Outsystems.

Here's the screenshot from Apple dev site (Provisioning Profile)

Is there something missing or misconfigured here? Appreciate any response/feedback. Thank you in advance. 



Hi Benjie,

In your screens on OutSystems you define id as: but your provisioning was generate for id:

They should be exactly the same

Best Regards

Fabio Fantato

Hi Benjie Banan,

As, Fábio Fantato we need unique App Id, whether we need to stick with outsystems default App Id or need to Chance as our need from there as a unique.

Thank you got that. Now new error arise, it says "Provisioning profile CustConnect doesn't include the aps-environment entitlement". When I'm creating the provisioning profile, I don't see any configuration for aps-environment entitlement. Thanks.