web block used in our application.

Hi Everyone,

In our project we need a function which will get the list of existing web blocks(web block name)  in our application. we have more then 100 web blocks which can be deleted/added,any idea please ?

Is there any entity which stores the information of web blocks ?


Rajendra Singh

Hi Raj,

All public elements, including Web Blocks, are available in the meta model, but all non-public elements are stored in the OML, and nowhere else.

Thank Kilian,

May i know the table name from where we can get the web block information.



Hello Raj,

May I ask you why do you need this?

To delete a web block you need to change the code. To use one, the same. There is no way (that I know of), right now, to use an web block "fully dynamic" without explicitly adding it to the code.

So, what's your use case?


Thanks Eduraro,

My use case is- I have dropdown in my page for the web blocks which are currently exist in the our application. if a developer adds one more web block and  publish the application it should automatically add the web block value in the dropdwon.

we have more the 100 web block in our application, so don't want to do it manually.


Rajendra Singh  


And how are you expecting to "choose" which web block to show, without hardcoding more than 100 conditions?

You see, the problem is not only to list them, but also to choose between them.

The only way I now of choosing, in the same page, between different web blocks, is through visual conditions (IF). And for each new block, you will have to manually add the condition.

Than the point of "automatically" list them will be completely defeated. 

So, how are you thinking to solve this problem?

And by the way, what's the reason for 100 web blocks that can be used in the same place? What's the purpose of such web blocks?


why so many web blocks? I never heard/saw a single OML to have so many web blocks...