Validation Tools

Validation Tools

Hi all,

This is a set of validation tools that you can use in your applications.
The set comprises actions/functions to validate:
  • NIB - bank account number
  • NIF - fiscal number
  • NISS - Social Security Number
  • ID - Identification number (complete number including check digit must be provided)
All of these only for Portugal!

The eSpace also has some helper actions/functions to generate the first three of these numbers. The numbers generated are valid numbers and should only be used for testing purposes.

  • Text extension
  • Service Studio 4.0.x

Check it out here.

Contributions are welcomed!
Hello André,

for version control purposes, can you please add version number to oml description?

Best regards
Hi André,

I have a few numbers where Valition Tools output is invalid:
10042371; 9677259; 5764442
(No check digit included)

I have here an exe used by optimus. Would you like to take a look?

Best Regards
Hi Cristiana,

Thank you for the information. Problem has been fixed an a new version of the solution (1.0.3) was released. I also added version information in eSpace description has you suggested.
You can download latest version here.

Hello André.

I was wondering if this component will be updated to be 5.X compliant?

Best regards,

The checkNIB action isn't validate the NIB from Direcção Geral do Tesouro.
Dou you know why?

Thank you.
Hi Cristina,
If i'm not mistaken, it's necessary to fill the site property BankCodes with the codes of the banks you need.
You can find some codes in the page
I think that for Direcção do Tesouro the code is 781.
Hope this helps.

Yes, that it.
Thank you Hugo.

I currently use the service studio and I can´t use the current version of validation tools widget,
Someone can tell me where I can get a compatible version for service studio
Or where I can get a version of service studio 4.x?

Best Regards
Hi Tiago. 
In attachment is the Validation Tool upgraded for Service Studio version 
You just need open and do the upgrade for your version.
I hope you've helped.