set dynamically the width of container


I have several containers as follows with an if in the web screen according to some condition. I only will show THREE containers for the sake of simplicity. >  Detailed Page X  is in a third container (and it should appear always). XYZ and 

XYZZZZZZZ are contained in two other containers.

If IsSearch

XYZ                 >  Detailed Page X 



The problem is the fact that the containers have a fixed width and it should be dynamic so I can see these results:

XYZ > Detailed Page X

or if it is the case condition is false

XYZZZZZZZ > Detailed Page X

With the fixed width, the true condition will be rendered as:

XYZ                 >  Detailed Page X 

The desired result is:

XYZ > Detailed Page X


Hi Jorge.

Select a container, open the selection in the width property and set to empty (first entry if I remember well). It is really empty, nothing written there.

This will apply style that will make the Div into an inline element, achieving what you want.