I have followed this exercise but at the end i have an error when trying to publish. The error is Expecting an identifier instead of end of line.

The expression in question is List_SortColumn_GetOrderBy(MovieTable.Id, “{Movie}.[Title]”) the the last bracket being underlined in red in the dialog box.

Can you please help.


Hi Chris,

Is the error appearing when publishing, or is it already visible in the TrueChange tab before publishing? Can you show a screen shot of the red underline and its position?

Hi Kilian,

It is an error in TrueChange. Screenshot is below

Hi Chris,

Did you literally "copy-paste" the expression from the PDF to the expression field? This could cause the issue. It is possible that the entity and variable is typed in differently by yourself in your app, i.e. Lower/Upper cases. I think the problem lies in the "MovieTable.Id". What you can do is at that point use "Ctrl+Spacebar" to show all the options. Select the correct Entity, then press the "." and the next options will be visible to select the correct Attribute. 


Hi Martijn,

You're on the right track: they did indeed just copy/paste, including the "smart quotes".

@Chris: these aren't quotes used in programming software, ever :):

Correct them to normal quotes ("") and you'll be fine.