Bug in Enterprise Manager's first Login


I installed HubServer (a fresh instalation) in a Windows 2000, SQL Server 2000, server.
Then, I downloaded the Enterprise Manager solution in the solutions tab at the Outsystems.NET site.

There were no errors or problems reported during the publishing of the solution.

When I tried to login to Enterprise Manager for the first time, the login page started an infinite loop. I know the user and pwd are correct because if I use an incorrect pwd, it returns an error.

Can someone help me with this?

best regards

Gonçalo Almeida
Did we lose some forum postings during the community website upgrade yesterday afternoon? I could have sworn there was a response that Goncalo posted saying he spent two hours debugging and found the bug! Anyway, I am encountering the issue myself now, and came to the forums looking for the answer. If I was not mistaken, could someone repost the solution?



No, everything is alright, there were no lost posts during the migration process. I think the post you are referring to is probably a different one related to the Style Guide.

As to the problem you are describing we're going to take a deeper look into it. For now you might want to try to to re-execute the bootstrap action by setting the DoBootStrap site property value to to true on Service Center, as explained in the documentation. You can also try to see if there are errors reported in the monitoring section in Service Center.

Let us know if you find anything so we can correct the source of the problem.
Tiago Simões
I did come across the problem, and double checked on another server. Environment is Hub, and Enterprise Manager 2.1.0; The symptoms were that I navigate to /Enterprise and log in as admin/admin and it eventually leaves me at /EnterpriseManager/Home.aspx with a timeout error in Firefox.

I did some tracing and after many debug sessions and audit messages I determined that the following was occuring. /EnterpriseManager was successfully logging in and setting a cookie. Control then passed over to /EnterpriseManager/Home.aspx which in turn Navigated to /Enterprise/Home.aspx which would hit the unregistered handler and attmpt to Login with Cookie. Login with Cookie would ALWAYS come back with Cookie not found. That in turn would attempt a login attempt again, and the cycle would continue in an endless loop.

In examining the cookies (aren't the add-in's for firefox great?) I saw that the cookie that enterprise manager is setting has the cookie path of /EnterpriseManager which of course makes that cookie unaccessible to any other application besides EnterpriseManager.

In looking at the code which utilizes the SetCookie (Login_UpdateLoginMaster action) I saw that the Parameter for path was left blank which must utilize the application path. To correct the problem I added the path of "/" (so all apps had access) to the CookiePath parameter of the SetCookie action. After recompiling the application works as expected.

I hope this can help anyone else having difficulties, and would appreciate feedback from engineering if this was not the desired behavior of the cookies.


Hi Ken.

Thank you very much for your detailed post. The description and solution you presented are quite accurate and correct. Firefox's add-ins are great indeed ;)

What you experienced is indeed a bug with the Enterprise Manager Solution, and the engineering team is already working on fixing it - by applying the suggestion you made, and making sure that there are no loose ends somewhere else on the solution. Nonetheless, the fixed version might not be published immediately, since the Enterprise Manager solution is undergoing some improvements in what concerns Java compatibility.

Thanks once again!

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares
Hi Ken.

Just to let you know that a new version of the Enterprise Manager solution - version 2.1.1 - has just been released, and fixed that bug, as well as addes a couple of minor layout changes. Doesn't change the look of the screens, but allows for more flexible customization.

These layout changes were made to allow the Enterprise Manager solution to be compliant with the new OutSystems Style Guide solution, whose new version 1.2.1 has also just been released.

Best regards, and once again thank you very much for your feedback.

Paulo Tavares