[Google Maps Library] SetZoom not working at all

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Published on 2 Oct (2 weeks ago) by Labs
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Published on 2 Oct (2 weeks ago) by Labs

I've been trying to work with the Google Maps mobile components and having a lot of trouble.

Right now I am particularly stuck on trying to get SetZoom to work.

It seems that the "ZoomLevel" input of the map doesn't do anything, so I then tried to use the "SetZoom" function, sending it the Map.Id and a zoom level. Whenever I do this I get an error that simply says "[Object object]" with no more information.

Am I doing something wrong here?


Hi Jordan,

Since it's not working you can workaround by js.

On the OnMapInitialized event of the Map block, save the MapId to a local variable, then use something like this on a js node:

Hope it helps