So I get stuck in a infinite loading on a button press (changes screen and loads an entity from the DB). Don't know if it's something about DBs or something, cause I don't get any Error Log in the .outsystemscloud.com/ServiceCenter/Error_Logs.aspx

I also don't get any errors Compiling.

It happens when I go from SeeInquiriesToAnswer to Answer1 on the press of the button "Responder".

I'm using a free version so I have no acess to the databases.

Thanks in advance.

I just get Request Timed Out after a while and that's it. I removed everything from the Answer1 page to see if it had anything to do with some Agreggates but apparently no, I still can't get anything.

This wasnt happening like 2 hours ago, then I changed some connections in the database Model, they didnt worked like I wanted to, reverted the changes, and I got this error.


Hi Ruins, if you're still experiencing the error, try to check if the tables your selecting have any lock on the database.