[Microsoft Login Connector] Connecting to O365 SharePoint lists

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Published on 26 Feb (4 weeks ago) by Paul Davies
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Published on 26 Feb (4 weeks ago) by Paul Davies

Hi Andreia,

Just checking if your connector can be used to integrate O365 SharePoint list data in OS via a REST Call? If so do you have any setup information to configure 'Microsoft Login Connector'. FYI the links in the Forge site, i.e. the 'Try Now' are broken.

Will this work for mobile applications??

Hi John,

I do not have a mobile version yet. I think it will work with SharePoint, I already try it with Dynamics 365 and Office 365. But truthfully I never test it with Sharepoint. 

If you test it and need some help please let me know I will try my best to do it. And if you succeed please let me know either.

Good luck.

Andreia Gaspar

I created a test app to demonstrate exactly how to connect to sharepoint via REST API within Outsystems.  see here:  http://intrinsicinnovation.com/Articles/2018/08/22/integrating-sharepoint-with-outsystems/

Also, search in the forge for 'Sharepoint Connector'