Refresh icon on input widget & Autocomplete


Got two questions. Have been trying to get solution on this... :(

1.  Refresh Icon - I've a screen with input widget, when the user enter a value a refresh icon appear over the value.  The widget hold a percentage value. I changed the Type property from Text to Number, seems to be working fine however then it loses the "%" symbol next to the value.  Is there any way, to disappear or switch off this refresh icon

2.  Autocomplete -  On all the input field on a screen, a drop down appear with previously entered data.  I don't want this list to appear

Any suggestion on this please!


Sunil Babar

I cant help you with the first one, as for the 2nd,  you may turn off the autocomplete property for an input field using the Extended Properties. Property is autocomplete and the Value is "off".


Zé Lopes

Hello Sunil,

For your first problem you can achieve it as suggested on below post.