I am creating the bookings pages and my links between pages is not working. Can someone please help identify my issue.

Attached is my oml file.


Hi Chris Jeans,

Booth your Links have the same destination - MainFlow\Rooms.

Bookings should have MainFlow\Bookings.

Best Regards 

Rodrigo Henriques

Hi chris Jeans,

Validate if destinations links are correct!?

I saw your espace very fast and it seemed to me, that it was.

Best Regards,

João Cabaço

Go the Menu Web block and click Bookings link in web block change the destination of the Bookings navigation to MainFlow/Bookings.

The issue is you have changed the link destination of Bookings to Rooms thats the reason it is not navigating to Bookings screen.

Hi Chris,

I checked your project, the problem is, the destination on the link Booking is to page "Rooms", so it is just loading the same page again.

Change the Link destination to "Bookings" and it should work.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks all its working now. Can anyone explain the 3 error in the TrueChanges message box?

Hi Chris,

Share those 3 error.

sorry they can be found on the attached oml file

Hi Chris,

Hope you are speaking about these warning messages.

These are because of the old Outsystems version referred to. So publish those and manage the dependencies in between modules. Mark appropriate answer to your question as solution,

no sorry the warnings in the far left tab

Second warning is because no sub menu is provided inside the Main menu like Rooms and Bookings

Hi Chris,

Remove the ActiveSubMenuItemId variable and all the places you are passing it to menu. Also change the room link in Menu to the same value on the dropbox and all the warnings should disappear.