[Office 365 Connector] Unable to make Office365Demo work

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Published on 2015-11-27 by João Martins
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Published on 2015-11-27 by João Martins

I am unable to make Office365Demo, the demo program for the Office365Connector, work.  

  1. We installed the connector and its demo program.
  2. We registered the app with the Azure Management Portal.
  3. We ran the demo and set up the configuration:

4. We selected "Home" from the app menu.

5.  We signed in with our Office credentials.

6.  We got the following error:

with this URL:

https://[our OutSystems domain]/customHandlers/internalerror.aspx

in the URL bar of our browser.

Obviously, we are doing something wrong or have omitted a step. 


What is the correct contents for for the Redirect URL?  I noticed that the connector has a screen called CallbackPage and I tried that.  That did not help.  The present content is Callback.aspx and that does not work.

We are using OutSystems Version 10 with an OutSystems-hosted and managed cloud.

Thank youl

Hi David,

Did you check Service Center to see whether there's some information on what caused the error?

Hi David,

There must be something wrong in the configuration, apparently, you were able to reach Microsoft login page and you were forwarded back to your environment, can you check service center to get more details regarding what could possibly be wrong? Once you were redirected to that error page I believe it's something on your side.



I'm sure you are right but the question is what?  I made NO changes to the demo.  It is precisely as downloaded.  

Here's the error description from Service Studio:

The one thing I notice is that there is no "Callback" in the demo.  There's a "CallbackPage" but no "Callback".  Is that set when you register the app in the Azure AD configuration?  I did not do that--it was done by our network administrator (I do not have access).  Could that be the issue?

Dave Schuler

Hi Dave, 

There's an entry point called Callback that points to the CallbackPage.

I can see in the message you just shared with us the following:
Access Denied
Invalid resource. The client has requested access to a resource which is not listed in the requested permissions in the client's ........

This means you have to fix your configurations, maybe you don't have permissions to access the emails.

Hope this helps you to move forward.



Thank you, João.  That gives me a place to start looking.  

You are the greatest!

Dave Schuler