Hi Team,

In my BPT process, when one automatic activity is getting executed, this error is getting logged.

Please advice how should I resolve this error and it is really a show stopper.

Please check attachment.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Look for a GetDemand action and confirm / debug its input parameter.

The Get entity action (Get<Entity>) receives the Id of the record - if this value is empty, the exception above is raised.

HI Suraj,

Your screen shot clearly says that the id which has been passed in the Get entity action is null , when you used this entity action and if the id is null it gives the same error.

If you know that the id can be null sometimes you can use your own action instead the one provided by entity or check before you call the entity action to avoid run time errors.



I also received this error a few times. Most of the time it's because of an overseen CreateOrUpdate without a ('correct') id as input. After getting the right id (via an aggregate or so) the warning is gone.

Thanks everyone for the replies. I understood that this is coming because of NullId() but I have passed that to BPT 

then in certain activities, how can it go as null?

My guess is: either an error when you're creating the process instance (if you're using the Launch Process method) or perhaps you're seeing an old instance of the process (even if you have everything ok now in the code, you may be seeing a process instance based on an old version).

Anyway, you should be able to debug a new process execution to find out.