[IdP] [Instructions - Okta configuration]
Forge component by Rui Barbosa
Published on 07 Oct 2020

Just to share some useful instructions when configure IDP:

Implementation Overview

For this integration, you will need to:
     1. configure an application on Okta's developer site;
     2. configure the IdP connector at https://<server>/idp/Configuration.aspx;
     3. add actions from the IdP Forge component to your Common flow.

See video Okta video instructions overview: https://youtu.be/gB2-LqeWA-c [Kudos for OutSystems demo team to made this video available]

Hope it helps you.

Best regards,

Daniel Martins

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Hi Daniel

Is the "OutSystems v.599" application in the Okta directory yours? I'm having trouble linking the mobilePhone attribute which unfortunately appears to be blank in the "How to Configure SAML 2.0 for OutSystems v.599" document. Could you possibly populate it if it isn't (Value "user.mobilePhone") or if it is, let me know the name chosen for it? A screen shot of the current attribute and group attribute settings would be quite useful as we are unable to look at these when using another's published application.



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Hi Graeme,

What do you mean with  "OutSystems v.599" application?

For mobile issues please create a new discussion under the IDP Mobile forge component.

And please check the related instructions for mobile in the following post: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/37191/instructions-okta-mobile-configuration/

Hope it helps you.

Best regards,

Daniel Martins

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Attached a screenshot so you can see what I'm talking about. I thought perhaps you or someone in your team had created it as it's documentation references your forge plugin, but I guess not from your response. No worries then.

okta app directory.JPG

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Hi Graeme,

In OKTA the mobile phone is what you mention: user.mobilePhone, as long that user has a non empty mobile phone configured, that claim of phone number is successfully returned by OKTA in the Claims of LoginResponse.



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I have implemented OKTA Api and also OKTA with IDP. Both are working fine, did anyone have any query then let me know.