[MS Power BI] Error in usage of MS Power BI

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Published on 2017-01-06 by Rodrigo Coutinho
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Published on 2017-01-06 by Rodrigo Coutinho


I'm using outsystems and trying to use MS Power BI. When using the link that's already as deafult and the full default package everything is fine but when i try to add the link 

https://powerbi-embed-api.azurewebsites.net to the version 10 or 8 nothing works and the error "WSDL Load Error" happens.

Can you help me?


Hi Rodrigo,

That link shows REST API exposed services. All work fine when you consume them with the REST Integrations feature of Service Studio, as shown below:

...did you by any chance use the SOAP consumption instead? I do get that WSDL Load Error..., understandably. Please let me know if I'm following your problem correctly.



Firstly thank for the attention. I'm in the version 8 and I'm not able to specifically choose the rest option as you can see in the image below:

 Also, in the version 10 when I do consume the rest I get:

Instead of this (that is what cames in the demo version):

(Hint, the URL is different)


Any settings that I need to change so I can use this component?