i want to upload a video on my web page.. how can i do it?

i want to upload a video on my web page.. how can i do it?

Hi Jozy,

Can you describe your use case a little more in detail? You want to upload a video file (e.g. mp4) to your website and then play it (in the website), is that it? What is the format and size of your video?

Maybe a few links from OutSystems Forge and Forums can help you getting started:

- Binary Video/Audio Player 

- Video Plugin

- Video Sample

- Using Silk UI Video Pattern

In terms of architecture of your application I strongly advise evaluating how you are going to store your video files. A few external storage services are often used in OutSystems project for this use case.


Hi Jozy Sohail,

 To upload video file use upload widget(predefined widget in outsystems) so that the widgets runtime properties will give you the file name, file type, file content(Binary format) by using these runtime properties you can save that file to entity i have saved video on entity i'm attaching my oml file for reference. Hope that will be helpful to you.


Kiran Shinde

@Kiran If this a very large file (which videos tend to be), I'm not sure the Upload Widget can be used, as the entire file is read into memory, then passed to the web server. Might very well get memory problems and timeouts.